Marine Engineering Specialists -- Bentley Systems has acquired Ultramarine's MOSES Software [ Press Release ]
Training and Consulting
Ultramarine provides training for the MOSES software. Typical training sessions are 2 to 3 working days, or 10 working days. The shorter session provides a broad overview of the software, and shows new users where to find answers to questions and how to get started. The longer session goes into more detail, and shows users how to solve specific problems. Most training sessions are customized to particular client needs, and often include problems from recent or upcoming projects in the longer training session. Many clients prefer this one on one approach, with only attendees from their company. However, training sessions can be organized to include several companies, which helps reduce the cost to each participating company.

Training sessions can be held in our offices in Houston, Texas or Rambouillet, France outside of Paris, where the number of attendees is normally limited to 10 due to conference room limitations. MOSES training can also be performed on the client's company premises, in which case the number of attendees is normally limited to 20, simply for the sake of training efficiency. In either case, attendees are expected to provide their own computers for the training. For training outside the Ultramarine offices, training costs include business class airfare, hotel and sustenance costs for the MOSES instructor.

Ultramarine also provides consulting services to many companies around the world. This can be for companies who have the MOSES software, but are overbooked with work and need assistance. This can also be for companies who do not have the software or expertise to perform a particular analysis. To contact us for a quote for either MOSES software training or consulting services, Click Here, or Here.