Marine Engineering Specialists -- Bentley Systems has acquired Ultramarine's MOSES Software [ Press Release ]
Representative Projects

Ultramarine's software and Ultramarine's experience have been involved in innovation in the Offshore Industry since the early days of Cognac in 1978. Here is a brief list of some of those projects:

Company Platform Type Year Installed
Kerr-McGeeNeptune Classic1996
ExxonMobilHoover DianaClassic2000
Kerr-McGee Nansen Truss 2001
Murphy Medusa Truss 2002
Kerr-McGee Boomvang Truss 2002
bp Horn Mountain Truss 2002
bp Holstein Truss 2003
Kerr-McGee Gunnison Truss 2004
bp Mad Dog Truss 2005

Company Platform Type Year Installed
ConocoPhilips Hutton TLP 1984
Shell Auger TLP 1994
Shell Mars TLP 1996
Shell Brutus TLP 2001
UnocalWest Seno TLP 2003
Shell Ram/PowellTLP 1997
bp Marlin TLP 1999
Shell Ursa TLP 1999
elpasoMarco PoloMini-TLP2003

Company Platform Year Installed
Total Fina ElfGirassol2001
Conoco Belanak 2003
Shell Bonga 2004
ExxonMobil Erha 2005

Fixed Platforms:
Company Platform Year Installed
Shell Cognac1978
Unocal Cerveza 1981
Unocal Ligera 1982
Shell Boxer 1985
bp Snapper 1985
Shell Bullwinkle1991
bp Amberjack 1991
ExxonMobil Heritage 1992
ExxonMobil Harmony 1992
bp Pompano 1994
Total Fina ElfN'Kossa 1995
ChevronTexacoNemba 1998
ChevronTexacoLomba 1998
Total Fina ElfVirgo 1999
Samedan Mari-B 2003
bp Clair 2004
ChevronTexacoSanha 2004

Company Platform Year Installed
ChevronTexaco Nemba 1997
ChevronTexaco Lomba 1997
Total Fina ElfVirgo 1999
ChevronTexaco North Nemba1999
ChevronTexaco KWIP 2000
Samedan Mari-B 2003
ChevronTexaco Sanha 2004
ExxonMobil Sable 2006
bp Holstein 2004

Wind Turbines:
Company Platform Year Installed
Mayflower Energy North Hoyle 2004

Compliant Towers:
Company Platform Year Installed
ExxonMobil Lena Guyed Tower1983
Hess Baldpate 1998
ChevronTexacoPetronius 1998
ChevronTexacoBengeula Belize 2005

Gravity Based Structures:
Company Platform Year Installed
Shell Sakhalin Island 2006

Company Platform Year Installed
Shell Nakika 2003
Shell Gunusut 20XX

Lift Boats:
Company Platform Year Installed
CUDD Arapho 2000
CUDD Choctaw 2000

Company Platform Year Installed
TransOcean Prissa 1999