Marine Engineering Specialists -- Bentley Systems has acquired Ultramarine's MOSES Software [ Press Release ]
Company Information
Ultramarine, Inc. is a privately owned professional organization which offers engineering services to the technical community. It specializes in engineering design and analysis as well as the development of special purpose computer programs to assist in such analyses.

Since the first release of our software in 1977, Ultramarine's primary objective has been to provide engineers with the tools necessary to realistically design and analyze marine structures and operations. While the general use of our software as well as our Qualifications attest to our partial achievement of this goal, the increasing sophistication of the offshore industry coupled with the rapid evolution of the computational power available, has made it obvious that to achieve this goal, a major departure from the traditional approach would be necessary.

Additionally, Ultramarine offers Analytical Services to the offshore engineering community whether they use our software or not. This is a service that we provide to those clients who do not use our software or possess the expertise to solve a particular problem. However, this goes beyond our normal consulting services. From these clients, we get invaluable feedback for the further development of our software and we get to see some very interesting projects. If you have any questions about these services we offer, please call us so we can get you the information you desire.

The closely controlled structure of Ultramarine ensures the superior quality of its and services, each of which is tailored to meet the individual client's specific requirements and timelines.