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Project Quality Assurance Procedures
Projects at Ultramarine are performed by a project team under the direction of a project leader. The project leader has complete authority, budgetary and technical, over the project. He gets to pick the project team, assign tasks to team members, set the schedule, and is ultimately responsible for the end product. The number of team members varies with the size of the project and may consist of only the leader. In this case he will function in all of the roles discussed below.

Communication :

Each project has a communication coordinator. His job is to communicate with the client and to insure that the information is available to the project team. Having a single point of contact eliminates confusion among both the team members and the client. All communication is passed through a single channel and one member of the team knows the status of the project from both the client's and the team's perspective.

Information :

It is the responsibility of the Communication Coordinator to insure that all of the information pertaining to the project is stored in its proper place. Any non digital information is stored in a master project file and copies are issued to the team members when needed. The master file always remains intact.

All digital information pertaining to the project is stored in a single directory on our file server. This information is backed up daily to a separate disk on a separate computer.

Logs of all information transmitted both from and to the client is kept in digital form in the project directory. These logs contain:

  • The date of receipt or transmittal of the document,
  • A description of the document,
  • The physical location of the document, and
  • The status or validity of the document.

As with non digital information, client supplied information is not altered. In general, it is stored in a separate directory and is "inserted" as necessary by team members.

Results produced by the team are stored in directories according to the class of result, and results are saved to produce a historical record of the work of the team. In general, the results using the latest client supplied information are stored completely. After circumstances have rendered such results obsolete they are archived. The archive will contain only the data necessary to produce the results themselves, not the results. Also, archive directories are clearly marked so that there will be no confusion as to which results are the most current.

Review of Results:

Before any results are transmitted to the client, they will be approved for submission by the Project Leader.

Team Meetings:

At the beginning of each day, the project team will meet. These meetings are normally brief, ten minutes or so, and the purpose is to keep all team members apprised of the status of the project. On occasions, these meetings may take on more importance if it is found that some tasks are falling behind or if there are difficulties. It is the responsibility of the Project Leader to reassign tasks at this point to minimize impact on the project and its schedule. The Project Leader may recruit additional personnel to the project team on a temporary basis.